About Us

About Us

Potters Gallery Initiative was founded in 2012 by
Donald Unanka, a writer, curator, film maker, and a polio
survivor. Our philosophy is ‘’When Voices Connect, Real
Change Happens’’. As persons with disabilities, our
greatest need is for our issues to be understood by society.
To understand our issues is key to inclusion. For us, the word ‘’Potter’’ is a biblical place of learning. Potters Gallery
is a community of young, vibrant, energetic, creative, skilled, goal oriented, passionate, and positive minded people
who truly believe inclusion is possible. We are leaders of our generation; we tell stories of marginalization through
the arts. We understand and value team spirit and the values of diversity, culture, honesty, and integrity in business,
in leadership, and we advocate for an inclusive society.
Potters Gallery is a Social Enterprise, Creative Hub, and Disability-led Arts organization that supports persons with
disabilities using the power of the creative arts to facilitate opportunities for people with disabilities and promoting
cross cultural dialogue on disability inclusion and participation. Potters Gallery believes in showcasing their talents
and creativities, amplifying their voices as core drivers of change, supporting livelihoods through the creative
economy. Potters Gallery through its programs uses the art to communicate to different audiences and the world at
large on issues of persons with disabilities. Through deep research findings into our culture, traditions, and values,
we create programs and projects designed to build capacities of persons with disabilities and artists and strengthening
their livelihoods.
As an arts organization, we create performances with the sole aim of making bold statements
of relevance towards innovating the craft and art of storytelling on the lives of persons with
disabilities. Our story telling techniques are meant to educate, inform, entertain, and
challenge our audiences towards building intellectual, physical, social, and cultural
development. This is through the means of dance, drama, movement, poetry, and nature,
we create stories, infuse unusual elements blending with groundbreaking as well as mentally,
physically, energetic performances using our body as the tool for conveying messages with a
strong sense of creativity and aesthetics integration.

Our Mission Statement

To mobilize support for disability-led creative
enterprises and amplifying their voices to drive change processes.

Our Vision Statement

We see a world where the creative enterprise and spaces of persons with disabilities is guaranteed under the law.